• Ice cream man accused of offering 12-year-old girl ice cream for strip show

    By: David Ham


    SEATAC, Wash. - King County prosecutors said Harpreet Singh Tiwana, 42, tried to offer a 12-year-old girl at Angle Lake Park in SeaTac free ice cream if she would lift up her top and show her chest to him.

    The girl told detectives she was coming out of the bathroom with her friend last month when Tiwana allegedly stared at her and then propositioned her.

    "It is sick. It's sickening just to think about you know," said Tony Mikes, who lives near the park.

    Manny Prieto said his 10-year-old son has bought ice cream from Tiwana in the past.

    "I sent my kid by himself to go get some ice cream and I'm not like 'oh I better go with you and try to be protective,'" said Prieto.

    He doesn't believe the allegations against the ice cream man.

    "To me he seems like a regular ice cream man, making money, make a living," said Prieto.

    Tiwana told detectives the exact opposite of what the girl alleged.

    He said she offered to show her chest in exchange for free ice cream adding, "The girls had asked for ice cream, then refused to pay for it."

    KIRO7 went to ask Tiwana about the allegations.

    He was not at his house or at the 7-Eleven where he works as a clerk.

    Tiwana hasn't been jailed and was issued a summons on personal recognizance.

    He'll be arraigned on Oct. 24.

    Prosecutors said if he fails to appear he will be arrested and booked.

    Tiwana had the only permit to sell ice cream in all of the parks in SeaTac.

    After the allegations, the city of SeaTac confirmed Tiwana's business license has been suspended.

    Tiwana does not have a criminal history.

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