• Police say prescription painkillers delivered with Halloween candy

    By: David Ham


    EDMONDS, Wash. - Postal inspectors and Bellevue detectives are investigating an Edmonds man for allegedly dealing oxycodone.

    A package was supposed to be delivered to Joshua Leaf's house on October 16th that had a note inside saying, "Happy Halloween, from Uncle," orange-and-black tissue paper, a ball cap, Reese's pieces and gummy candy. Underneath it all were 215 Oxycodone pills.

    "I hope they figure out and get to the bottom of it, because I've got a 5-year-old kid and I know there are other kids on the street, so it's a little unsettling," said Jon Langley, who lives a few doors down from Leaf.

    According to a search warrant, postal inspectors thought the package that was sent to Leaf was suspicious because it was "excessively taped at the seams," and investigators knew this was done "in an effort to eliminate any scents to escape the parcel to avoid law enforcement detection."

    Postal inspectors also noted that the package was mailed from a valid address, but the sender was a man who is dead.

    No one answered the door at Leaf's house.

    On the phone Leaf told KIRO7, "No comment," when asked if he was dealing prescription painkillers.

    Leaf told detectives he had been addicted to painkillers for five years.

    Postal records show at least two other packages similar to the one with 215 painkiller pills have been delivered to Leaf's house recently.

    Bellevue Police said detectives are still investigating and charges are pending for Leaf and other suspects involved. 


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