• Huge floating dock from Japan tsunami washes up on Oregon beach


    AGATE BEACH, Oregon - The Japanese consulate confirmed Wednesday night debris that washed up on an Oregon beach is from the 2011 Japan tsunami.

    The debris – a floating dock – came ashore on Agate Beach in central Oregon sometime late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. It’s 66 feet long, 7 feet tall and 19 feet wide.

    A plaque with Japanese writing was found on the side of the dock. The information on the plaque was sent to the Japanese consulate, which determined the debris came from Misawa, a northern city in Japan that was hit hard in the disaster.

    People who came to see the debris were stunned by its size.

    “It’s kind of scary seeing this wash up here because we all surf,” beach visitor Kirk Tite said. “If this crossed the Pacific Ocean and it’s this big, that means just about anything of our worst nightmares could cross the Pacific Ocean, so we’re kind of frightened of what’s to come.”

    A radiation check of the dock came up negative, which was expected because the dock broke free before a nuclear power plant in Japan leaked.

    Oregon state police are now at the beach to keep people from climbing on the debris. The state is making plans to remove it.

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