• House shipped by boat through Salmon Bay


    SEATTLE - A 5,000-square-foot home was seen at the Ballard Locks Wednesday. It was being shipped to a waterfront property in Vancouver, B.C., on a boat.

    My Ballard reports the house passed through Salmon Bay and under the Ballard Bridge.

    The Bay Area School of Architecture-style home was designed by Joe Droshin, a San Francisco-based architect, and built by Don Stabbert in 1977-78. The Stabbert family then lived in the home for 33 years before selling it.

    According to My Ballard, the owners were grateful that it was sold rather than demolished.

    Redfin lists the house as having three bedrooms, two and a half baths, a wine cellar, and three fireplaces. The house sold in 2011 for $3 million.

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