• Hotel window falls 29 floors to street in downtown Seattle


    SEATTLE - Glass from a window dropped out of the sky from a high-rise in downtown Seattle, but luckily no one was hurt.

     The window at the Crowne Plaza Hotel dropped 29 floors to the street at about 7 a.m. Friday.

     The glass crashed down onto Seneca Street in front of the hotel.

     Workers scrambled to clean up the glass covering the sidewalk and street in front of the 34-story hotel and Seneca Street was closed briefly.

     No one was hit by the falling glass.

     Hotel guests leaving Friday morning had no idea what happened.

     “It’s scary that it could happen. I mean, when you’re up in a high rise you always look at those windows and think of things like that – all those crazy things,” said Alan Stameisen.

     “It’s actually amazing it doesn’t happen more often,” said Bob Phalan.

     Both guests said they were staying on the 31st floor.

     It is not yet known what caused the window to shatter and fall.

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