• Hostess fans scramble to grab last batch of treats


    EVERETT, Wash. - As Hostess goes out of business, many people crammed into stores to grab the last batch of their favorite treats.


    Many customers were at the Everett Hostess outlet store Saturday to grab the remaining packages of Twinkies, HoHos, CupCakes, Zingers, Fruit and Pudding Pies and Wonderbread.


    “You can’t have turkey sandwiches without Wonderbread,” said Hostess fan Caroline Gallagher. “We started crying last night when we heard. We were really upset. It was a tough thing to take.”


    “It’s a childhood treat we all lived off of this when we were kids. I had to get it for memories’ sake,” said another Hostess fan Todd More.


    Hostess has been a part of Libby Tutt’s life for 42 years.


    “What’s it been like? Fantastic. Loved every minute of it,” said Tutt. “When you put 42 years of your life into something, it makes it real sad.”


    Tutt is one of more than 18,000 people who will lose their jobs because of the bankruptcy.


    “We’ve known Libby ever since before we were married,” said Gallagher.


    Tutt’s daughter came to help her say goodbye to the store.


    “To just send this out the way it deserves to be sent out. It’s hard, but I’m proud of her.  I’m very, very proud f her,” said Tutt’s daughter


    On Monday, the courts will hear Hostess’ request to liquidate its company in bankruptcy.


    Tutt and Hostess customers told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News they were grabbing all their treats for themselves, but there have been others who are trying to turn the treats into profit by selling their boxes on eBay. 

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