• Homeowners are warning burglars to enter at their own risk

    By: David Ham


    Auburn, Wash. - An Auburn neighborhood plagued with six burglaries in the last two weeks is fighting back against burglars breaking into their homes.

    "Come into my house, come onto my property, you do that at your own risk," said Robert Lutz, who lives in the Rainier Ridge neighborhood off 124th Avenue Southeast.

    On Wednesday, Auburn Police said three houses were broken into during the day. In one case, a homeowner discovered a burglar inside his house and chased him out.

     "The burglar poked his head out of my office and he, Jeff, said, 'What are you doing in my house?' and he said he was looking for the bathroom with a flashlight," said April Spike.

     Her roommate threw punches at the burglar.

     "Jeff chased him out of the house, grabbed his shirt, tore it, ripped his necklace off," said Spike.

     Police arrived within minutes but the burglar ran to nearby Green River Community College and got away. Officers said he blended in with students. Detectives say that’s one of the challenges of finding the burglars. They tend to blend in with the student population at the community college.

    Other burglary victims say they’re ready for anyone who tries to break into their homes. Some have changed locks. Spike said she's even getting her guns ready to shoot an intruder.

     "I got 'em cleaned, got them cleaned and loaded in just a few minutes," said Spike.

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