• Homeowner shot at after confronting 2 breaking into car


    PARKLAND, Wash. - A Parkland homeowner had to dodge gunfire after he caught two people trying to break into his car while it was still parked inside his garage.

    Pierce County Sheriff’s Office Detective Ed Troyer said the homeowner heard a noise in his garage in the 10500 block of Park Avenue at about 2:30 p.m. Friday. He then went to check it out.

    When he walked into the garage he found a man and woman trying to get into his car. He confronted the two and the man pulled a gun.

    “The male fired a round at him with a handgun, they took off," said Troyer.

    The two were spotted minutes later ducking into another garage to hide several blocks away.

     “(They) ended up coming to this house here and hiding when our deputies surrounded them,"  Troyer said. Both were taken into custody.

    The homeowner was not hit by the gunshot.

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