• Homeless camp hazard discovered hidden in Olympia neighborhood

    By: Richard Thompson


    OLYMPIA, Wash. - Seth Hutt walks his kids on a trail near Olympia Springs Park every day. It's the best route to get them to nearby Roosevelt Elementary School.  The other day, however, Hutt was stunned to discover what was hidden just a few feet off the main trail -- homeless camp.  

    "Garbage, more and more garbage, as well as needles knives and pills," said Hutt. 

    Hutt took a KIRO 7 news crew down the path to show them the mess first hand. 

    South Sound Reporter Richard Thompson discovered two knives on the ground, numerous drug syringes and even a bag filled with pills. There are also mounds of garbage at the location surrounding tents. 

    Hutt is fearful that children will stumble into the potentially dangerous situation and upset the city did not let anyone in the neighborhood know that the camp had been discovered. 

    "It's a hazardous mess down there at this point," Hutt said. 

    Olympia police have now moved out the occupants, but it turns out the homeless camp is on the edge of property that belongs to the East Bay Harbor Condo Association. 

    It means condo owners like Pauline Snyder will have to pay for the expensive cleanup of the homeless camp in their back yard. Snyder summed up her feelings: "It's awful. It doesn't seem right, it really doesn't."

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