• Hit-and-run victim recalls details of crash

    By: Gary Horcher


    BOTHELL, Wash. - The list of Conrad Lillis’ shattered, bruised and lacerated body parts is so long, it’s hard to believe he’s still alive.

    Four days after surviving a violent head on collision with a hit-and-run driver in Bothell, 33-year-old Lillis was finally able to share memories and details of the crash from Harborview’s Trauma Center with family and investigators.

    The Shoreline man remembers driving along North Road in Bothell early Sunday morning, when an SUV suddenly veered across the center line, and slammed head-on into his car.

    “He swerved to get out of the way, said Lillis’ father Wayne Jarvimaki. “He just wasn't fast enough, and the car connected with him--and the car itself is just mangled on the driver’s side.”

    Lillis’ body was mangled too. His elbow shattered in 14 pieces, he has broken ribs, a broken back, bruised lungs--and Lillis was trapped in his car. It took rescuers 40 minutes to extract him from the wreckage.

    Lillis told family and investigators that two young women—possibly teenagers, stopped their damaged SUV, saw Lillis trapped in his car, and they left the scene. The two hit-and-run suspects still have not been caught.

    “We definitely need to catch them,” said Jarvimaki.  “We need to find them and we need help finding them."

    Lillis’ family reached out to KIRO 7 late Wednesday evening, when Lillis was awake enough to confirm some details about the crash. “The people who did this to Conrad know what they did, and they’re living with it,” said Jarvimaki. “It’s time for them to come forward, and give Conrad and the rest of us some answers and closure.”

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