• Historical hotel is turning into a health hazard

    By: Lee Stoll


    SKYKOMISH, Wash. - A historical hotel is turning into a health hazard for an entire community.

    The Skykomish Hotel is breaking apart and showering homes with dangerous debris.

    It was set for demolition, but a bitter court battle is in the way.

    The hotel's weathered shingles and siding are signs of age, all 109 years. Empty rooms and storefronts show there’s little left to save from the wrecking ball.

    Whistling Post bar owner Charlie Brown doesn’t want to see the building leveled, but he worries about being next door to it.               

    "Anything that's going to cause harm to someone or some child, that's not OK," said Brown.

    Residents say wind kicks off the shingles, splintered boards hit windows and threaten to hurt people walking downtown, and neighbors pile up the debris and leave it on the hotel doorstep.

    "When you can't see something flying off that fourth-story, third-story building, somebody's going to get hurt," said Brown.

    "It's really disappointing and frustrating," said former Skykomish Mayor Henry Sladek.

    The hotel was set for demolition last month.

    But the city says the owners did not file the paperwork and did not get a permit.

    Both sides have spent months filing claims in court accusing each other of harassment and wasted legal fees.

    "The town's been on this for a couple of years, actively trying to get them to either fix the building or sell it.  The last resort was to demolish it,” said Sladek.

    KIRO 7 emailed and called the owners, who posted a YouTube video two months ago asking for donations to save the hotel. KIRO 7 never heard back.

    “It's pretty hard to tell what they want to do," said Sladek.

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