• A high speed-crash in Tacoma's Point Defiance Park has left police baffled

    By: Kevin McCarty


    Tacoma, Wash. - A high speed-crash in Point Defiance Park has left one person badly injured and another missing. Tacoma police said eyewitnesses saw a Honda Civic speeding along the park's popular Five Mile drive after 7 this morning with a passenger hanging out of the window. Moments later the driver lost control, skidded and rolled over before slamming into a tree. One person from the car was found nearby badly injured, but the second person has not been found. Police say they are not certain if the person taken to St. Joseph's Medical Center was the driver or the passenger.

     Park visitors told KIRO 7 they often see cars racing through the park on the winding, tree-lined Five Mile drive. "Kids that are racing too fast, yes" said park visitor Laura, who did not want to give her last name. "I think that's horrible," added Cindy Wilson. "There's posted signs for the speed limit and plus this is a public park."

    Police called in a search and rescue team with specially trained dogs to search a heavily wooded area near the crash scene. There was concern someone from the car may have been thrown into the brush during the crash. Nothing was found.

    Wilson said people speeding through the park, often young males in souped up cars, are putting other people at risk. "They don't respect other people's lives and stuff anymore," Wilson said.



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