• High school increases security after weapons threat rumor


    RENTON, Wash. - Though a district spokesperson said a threat of weapons being brought to a Renton high school is not credible, security there will remain increased.


    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News confirmed through several sources that there would be extra security at Hazen High School in East Renton Thursday morning, but the school district later said though staff is staying vigilant, there is no immediate threat to students.


    One of the sources told KIRO 7 conversations were overheard that said someone was going to be bringing weapons to the school Thursday, but the students who reportedly overheard the conversation couldn't identify who the student was behind the purported threat.


    But in light of last week's tragic school shooting in Connecticut, no threats are being taken lightly.


    A district spokesman said later Thursday morning that officials spent all of Wednesday trying to substantiate the rumors, but couldn't find any credible information or source.


    Before the report of threats were deemed to be rumors, an email from the school’s principal outlined the potential threat, stating staff at the school was working with some students who heard the rumors.


    The email is as follows:



    Dear Hazen Families,

    Hazen High staff is working with a few students who report that they've heard rumors and conversations that there may be weapons at school tomorrow. Some students we've talked to say they overheard other students having the conversations in hallways; but, we have not spoken to anyone with specific knowledge of where the threat originated.

    While the rumors are unsubstantiated, we're taking them seriously, and we'll continue investigating where the rumors started and if they are at all credible.

    Additionally, we'll work to have our school and district security officers visible and vigilant tomorrow and we'll have our School Resource Officer (a Renton Police Officer who is always assigned to our school) on campus before school begins.

    We work very hard to keep students and staff safe at school; and, we've been very successful in that work. As always, we ask that parents assist by talking to your children about reporting any threat immediately to a teacher or school administrator. This helps reduce the rumors and subsequent anxiety that comes with those rumors. We'll work to keep the identity of students who report the threats confidential: our focus will be to investigate every rumor and ensure it isn't more than that.

    As always, thank you for your work to keep Hazen high a safe place for learning.


    Meanwhile, a growing number of people on Facebook, including parents, say they're planning to keep students away from Hazen High School just to be safe.

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