• High school football coach accused of trying to have sex with teen


    SEATTLE - A Seattle high school football coach was arrested after he was accused of attempting to have sex with a teenager, police said.


    Kent police told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News that Franklin High School coach Omar Urrutia, 35, tried to meet with a 13-year-old girl and her 15-year-old friend for sex.


    Investigators said the 13-year-old girl left her phone at Urrutia’s apartment and borrowed her mom’s phone. Her mom found the disturbing text messages and replied to Urrutia pretending to be her daughter.


    According to police, this was the conversation between the mother and Urrutia:


    Mom (posing as teen): What do you want baby?


    Urrutia: I want u :)


    After Urrutia responded back to the mother, she called police and undercover officers took over the texting. 


    According to police, this was the conversation between Urrutia and officers:


    Urrutia: How old r u? U ever been with an older guy?


    Officer (posing as teen): I’m 13 – Yeah I hv


    Detectives said the girl’s age didn’t stop Urrutia.


    According to police, Urrutia was supposed to pick up the teens in Renton Monday evening.


    When Urrutia arrived, officers arrested him for attempted rape of a child and communicating with a minor for immoral purposes.


    According to court documents, Urrutia spoke with detectives and told them that he needed help, and that his judgement was cloudy.  


    On Thursday, the Franklin High School football team was called out of class and was told their offensive line coach was arrested.


    “We were shocked,” said student Malik. “It makes me second guess who I would come to for advice and stuff.”


    “I was like, ‘Coach? Oh, it can’t be Coach O,’” said another student, Rob Williams.


    Franklin High School told players to call the Kent Police Department if they have ever witnessed questionable behavior.


    Urrutia is no longer employed at the high school.

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