Where will 'hidden cash craze' go next?

by: Rob Munoz Updated:

SEATTLE - The hidden cash craze has come to the Seattle area.

Only KIRO 7 sat down with the man that began leaving cryptic clues on the Internet starting Thursday morning, pointing toward money hidden in an envelope somewhere in Mukilteo.

The big question Thursday evening: Where in the Seattle-area will the cash be hidden next? We'll stay with the story and provide updates as we get them on the KIRO 7 Facebook page.

Among the clues posted on the Hidden Cash Network website, Facebook and feeds: “You will know where you’re going, when you’re a few miles from BIG Boeing,” and “by land or by sea, you can find me.”

The cash dropper, who didn’t want his identity revealed, tells KIRO 7 he planted the envelope with “just under $100,” late last night with his wife.

“I think we did pretty good. I think you'll have a lot of fun with this one,” the cash dropper says.

The dropper saw national stories of people doing it in places like Southern California and Pennsylvania, and thought it would be fun to start expanding it here in the Seattle area, and then build a much larger network of people doing the same.

“I'll see to it that our own area is covered very well, but I will expand to the other areas very quickly, quite soon in fact,” he says.

 He’s encouraging people to join his website, to get a network of people joining to pay it forward.

“Instead of us having to depend on somebody that's wealthy, we can all do it for ourselves, and serve ourselves,” he says.

 But he does have a message to whoever finds the money: “if you need the money, then use it. If you're doing OK, then pass it on to someone who could use it.”