Here's where to get gas for $3.39 per gallon in Western Washington


EVERETT, Washington - KIRO 7 news partner The News Tribune reported Tuesday that a drop in crude oil prices and a boom in gasoline supplies is helping to drive the price of gas lower, and contributed to a 2-cent overnight drop in Western Washington gas prices.

AAA reported that a gallon of regular unleaded is selling for an average of $3.79 in Seattle, down 22 cents since last Tuesday; $3.84 in Bellingham, down 23 cents; and $3.67 in Olympia, which has registered the biggest drop of 26 cents since last week.

But the cheapest gas KIRO 7 has been able to find is in Everett, and it has nothing to do with the price of oil.

It’s apparently been the best-kept secret in the neighborhood (until now) and motorists nearby said they go out of their way to fill up at a particular Texaco station.

“Well, you gotta save money every way you can, ‘cause everything’s so damn high right now,” motorist Cindy Blackard said.

The cash price at the Texaco on 112th Street Southeast is $3.39 per gallon. That’s 10 cents cheaper than Costco and 30 cents cheaper than most other stations in the neighborhood.

It turns out the station has a new owner, Joe Sheer, who said he got a great deal on the property and is passing the savings on to his customers.

Motorist Len French was filling up his truck and several gas cans Tuesday morning.

“You see the gas, it’s this cheap,” he said. “I mean, I don’t know if it’s going to stay that way. Everywhere else is 50 cents more.”

Sheer said he has no plans to raise his prices, so there’s no need to rush over.

Gas prices across the country are expected to drop even more because domestic production is up and oil prices have dropped.

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