• Hazmat team called in to investigate substance at downtown Seattle store


    SEATTLE - Hazmat crews responded to a downtown Seattle store Friday afternoon after a man was seen dumping an unknown white powder on the ground, according to the Seattle Fire Department.


    The incident happened in front of The North Face store in the 1000 block of First Avenue after 1:30 p.m.


    Police said a man was seen dumping a suspicious white powdery substance in the entrance of the store.


    Store employees called 911 because the substance had a funny odor.


    When a hazmat team arrived at the location, they could not detect anything harmful from the substance because the rain washed it out.


    Police had to shut down a block of First Avenue between Madison and Spring streets during the investigation.


    Officers are still looking for the man who dumped the substance.


    The Seattle Police Department’s arson and bomb squad is investigating the incident.

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