• Hawks fans showed up hours before kickoff

    By: Chris Legeros


    They showed up hours before the home preseason kickoff, sporting their Seahawks green and blue: fans ready to pay as much as $50 for parking for a preseason game against the Chargers.  

    Rochelle Brearity and her family made the trip from the Tri-Cities.

    “It’s the Seahawks,” she said, “you don’t miss the Seahawks game.”

    She stepped to the stadium sharing just one emotion, that she was “excited.”

    It is excitement that has carried over from the Seahawks Super Bowl Championship.

    “It finally happened,” Brearity said. “I got to see it in my lifetime.”

    Travis Hanson pulled up in a fancy ride:  a customized Jeep built by his employer in tribute to the 12th man, the Legion of Boom and Beast Mode.

    “I just feel blessed to have the community come together,” Hanson said. “I think the 12th man is a living being, and I love what it’s done for our community.”

    Hanson expects the Hawks will bounce back from their exhibition loss last week to Denver.

    On Friday, there was a feeling at the Clink that a Super Bowl repeat is certainly possible.

    “I think their schedule is tough, but I think the best thing about having a tough schedule is when you hit the playoffs, you’re ready to go,” Hanson said.

    Rochelle Brearity agreed. 

    “They know what it feels like to be winner,” she said, “and I don’t think they want to lose.”

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