• Harley Davidson from Japan found washed up on British Columbia beach


    An amateur beachcomber stumbled upon a remarkable find along an isolated British Columbia beach recently: A motorcycle, which apparently floated across the ocean.

    The man found the back end of a white box truck, and inside, he found a rusty Harley Davidson with license plates from Japan’s Miyagi Prefecture – an area hard hit by the 2011 tsunami.

    Peter Mark, the man who found the bike, said his first thoughts were of who the owner might be.

    “I gotta say, the first thing that popped into my mind when I was looking at the scene (was), ‘I really wonder what happened to this person. I hope this person is OK,’” he said.

    Part of the container was made with a foam material, which may explain how it managed to stay afloat for a year and cross the Pacific Ocean.

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