• Gun rights supporters rally over objections of church leaders


    KIRKLAND, Wash. - About 100 gun rights activists rallied at a downtown Kirkland park Saturday in front of a church, where leaders took a stand for more gun restrictions.


    The gun rights group, 2nd Enforcers, organized the rally at Peter Kirk Park, and some people in attendance had guns with them.


    The rally was in direct response to a petition a Seattle church recently sent to Kirkland City Council members, asking them to take a stand against gun violence.


    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Deborah Horne spoke John Lang, who left work in Everett early so he could be at the rally.


    “We can’t erode away our gun rights because they are important to so many other things,” said Lang.


     Lang showed up at the rally with a sign in one hand and his 40-year-old black powder gun in the other.  


    The Lewis County Tea Party’s Irene Brown traveled with her husband to show their support.


    “Once the Second Amendment’s gone. the First Amendment’s gone and we’re done,” said Brown.


    “A church actually brought up a proposal to the council that would be restricting firearms for residents. We at least want to show people we don’t agree with it and we want firearm owners in Washington to be protected,” said 23-year-old Jacob Kukuk, who started 2nd Enforcers.


    Kara Markell, a pastor at Lake Washington Christian Church, along with two other Kirkland pastors signed a hastily drafted letter opposing the rally.


    “It is not a very prudent place to be demonstrating,” said Markell. “Our call as people of faith is to build community through peace and respect and love. When our country is leading the world in child and teen gun deaths, this is not how we’re called to behave.”


    The religious community has been rallying for more gun control since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. 

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