Granite High School bomb threats continue



GRANITE FALLS, Wash. -  Late Wednesday night, another round of threats toward specific students at Granite Falls High School came over a popular website.

Wednesday afternoon, the administrative office of the Granite Falls School District confirmed reports from parents and students that someone was making threats to set off bombs at the school and kill students.

All the threats have been made on a website called The site allows people to make anonymous posts.

The initial posts were found on Sunday, but some parents said the school didn't notify anyone about the bomb threats and “kill list” right away.

One of the posts says, "I'm already planning on who to kill on Friday,” then lists nine students by name.

The threat goes on, claiming there would be seven pipe bombs in specific parts of the school, but the day of the bombing would be a surprise this week.

Granite Falls police have been investigating to track down who's responsible.

The school district said it let parents know about the situation as soon as it was necessary, and they've found no evidence the threats are legitimate.

As a precaution, though, police officers have been at the school all week.

“Sure, there are a lot of policemen around guarding the doors, but this threat that I just read, naming off specific kids -- that's disturbing to me,” said parent Kim Gilbert.

Shortly before midnight, more threats that appear to have been made by the same person were posted.

The person again posted that they have a number of pipe bombs that would be detonated in various areas of the high school. They also mentioned specific student targets.

But the Granite Falls School District is telling parents there's nothing to worry about.

Thursday, classes are going on as scheduled, but some parents plan to keep their kids home for now.

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