Grandmother, 85, fights back against purse snatcher

by: David Ham Updated:


Eighty-five-year-old Lila Ullom is still recovering after being thrown on the ground trying to keep a thief from taking her purse.

"When I fell I evidently broke a rib," she said.

She and her 90 year old husband were in the parking lot of a Haggen's grocery story in September when detectives say 25-year-old Mark Sampayan pushed her to the ground.

"I had my pruse on my arm and I opened the car doors for him and all of sudden somebody grabbed my purse pulled real hard," said Ullom.

Sampayan has been convicted of theft in the past.

"I pulled as hard as I could and we hear these stories well I bet I could pull back, but he was so strong," said Ullom.

Just hours later detectives say Sampayan and two others were spotted on surveillance video going on a shopping spree using Ullom's credit cards.

Detectives eventually caught the suspects.

Sampayan is in jail on $250,000 bail. Ullom has this message for them.

"They need to go get a job work like rest of us have all our lives," she siad. " I don't run very good anymore but I would probably go after them."