• Gordon Trucking unveils semi with photos of missing boy Kyron Horman


    PACIFIC, Wash. - As part of the Homeward Bound program, Gordon Trucking unveiled a semi featuring photos of missing boy Kyron Horman, including an age-enhanced photo.


    The truck features both a picture of the boy at the age of 7 when he disappeared, as well as an age-enhanced photo.


    Kyron was last seen June 4, 2010, in the Portland area and has been in the Homeward Bound program since 2011.


    His parents attended the unveiling in Pacific.


    The Homeward Bound program, created in 2005 in a partnership between the Washington State Patrol and Gordon Trucking, has assisted in the recovery of six missing children.


    Gordon Trucking’s fleet includes posters of missing children from Washington and Oregon.


    Anyone with any information about Kyron Horman or another missing child is asked to call 1-800-THE-LOST.


    More information on the Homeward Bound program can be found in this PDF document.

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