• Girls softball coach accused of sending players to find him dates


    SEATTLE - A local high school softball coach is under investigation for giving his players an unusual assignment – finding him dates.

     According to the Seattle Times, 25-year-old Troy Hennum asked his girls team to go take photos of "cute girls" and get their phone numbers for him.

     He was reportedly put on leave after less than a week on the job as the Roosevelt High School girls softball coach.

     In addition to ground balls and batting practice, Hennum had his players go out looking for women for him to date.

     The Seattle Times talked to one of the women found on the scavenger hunt who said she received texts from the coach.

     She said in one text, Hennum wrote, "This is Troy.  The Roosevelt softball coach.  I had to see if you’re legit."

     In a few other text messages to the woman, he said, "Genius, great way to meet a girl, use my girls lol,” and "Are you single? Or am I wasting my time?"

     After telling a friend about the texting conversation, the woman, who had been approached by Hennum's softball players, decided the whole thing was a bit creepy and inappropriate.

     The woman contacted Roosevelt High School and told administrators what was going on.

    According to the Times, a few days later, once he learned he was under investigation, Hennum called the woman to apologize and said he wanted to "get on the same page" with her.

     Hennum is on unpaid leave from the school.


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