• Girl rescued from car filling with water on beach; mother found dead

    By: Deborah Horne


    GRAYLAND, Wash. - The family of a 36-year-old Renton woman found dead at Grayland beach said they warned her repeatedly not to fish in the dangerous waters off the Washington Coast.
    Annie Banh disappeared while surf fishing Sunday. Her young daughter was waiting in her car.

    Banh is the third person to die while surf fishing this year on the Washington coast. Several fishermen have died over the years because they get caught in rip currents that sweep them out to sea.
    Hung Banh told KIRO 7 he talked often to his daughter about the dangers. She, too, had been rescued numerous times by her friends. But she would not fish any other way.
    "She just kinda like addicted to  it," he said.

    He tried to dissuade her again Sunday when she said she was going alone.
    "Her mom and I both said, 'Do not do it. Don't go. Stay home,'" Banh said. ''But she didn't listen."
    Instead, she took her 8-year-old daughter and drove to the beach. She fished in view of her daughter, who remained in the car, playing video games.
    "And all of a sudden she look up," said Banh, "And her mom was gone."

    The girl honked the horn to alert adults who were nearby.

    "To do like this is so dangerous, so dangerous," he said. "And on top of it, she doesn't know how to swim."
    Her body was found later on the beach.

    Banh said now he and his wife are "just trying to hang on to it, you know." He added, his voice breaking, "Accept the fact and try our best to move on."
    When we were there, his granddaughter was crying, too; too upset to talk about her mother's death.

    Banh said he and his wife will now have to raise her.

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