• Gas prices drop across Washington state


    SEATTLE - Gas prices have dropped about 15 cents in the past week across Washington state. 

    A competition among gas stations may be what's giving drivers a break at the pump in Lakewood and Bonney Lake, where gas prices have plunged even more. 

    "If you lower the prices," 76 Station owner J.K. Yoon said, "more customers come." 

    In Bonney Lake, a gallon of gas was priced, on average, at $3.47 on Friday. On Thursday the price was $3.55 per gallon. 

    Prices in Lakewood dropped 25 cents in the past week, to $3.45. 

    "It seems like big savings when you're spending $70 or $80 every time you fill up," Lakewood resident Robert Erickson said. 

    In Seattle, gas prices are $3.77 per gallon on average, down from $3.91 last week. In Portland, gas is down 12 cents in the past week, to $3.76. It is a bit higher in Spokane, where it is still $3.82, down from $3.89 last Friday. 

    Although it is hard to predict where gas prices will go next, AAA said we should start to see them stabilize.

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