• Game rating girls' looks gets pushback from high school group


    SNOQUALMIE, Wash. - Students at Snoqualmie's Mt Si High School are fighting back against a controversial “hot or not”- type contest.

    The yearly game compares female students against one another based on looks or popularity.

    A student group said the practice should not be considered a harmless game.

    The female student leading the pushback told a local paper she is sure these kinds of games lead to feelings of low self-worth among girls.

     So the school's gender equality group made T-shirts that say "Be above the madness.”

    The so-called "May Madness" game is modeled after the March Madness basketball brackets for the NCAA tournament except instead of teams, it involves girls.

    Students vote on a Twitter page for the girl they think is the most attractive and she moves on in the bracket.

    One student explained how the game is different from other popularity contests.

    “For homecoming queen, it's like you campaign and you run for it, but none of these girls asked to be on (the May Madness list), they just all of a sudden, ‘Oh you're on it, oh you're not.’  It’s like, ‘Why am I on it? Why is she not? Why do people need to vote about me? Why can't I just be myself?’”said ninth-grade student Riley Ovall.

    The private May Madness Twitter page has 110 followers.          

    The contest is not endorsed by the school.

    According to Living Snoqualmie, the pushback group has distributed around 60 T-shirts and has even run out.

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