• Furious Seattle-area Facebookers lash out over shutdown

    By: Amy Duncan


    WASHINGTON - Congress hung "Closed" signs on a big swath of the government Tuesday and sent home 800,000 workers in what President Barack Obama labeled an "ideological crusade" by the GOP.

    On Capitol Hill, Democrats and Republicans traded blame for the first partial government shutdown in nearly two decades.

    In Washington state, KIRO 7 Eyewitness News asked viewers on Facebook to finish this sentence: "I think Congress should _________."

    The request received more than 700 comments in two hours.

    Several comments received dozens of likes, including:

    "I think Congress should work my job. For my pay and be forced to use my insurance and see how hard it is to survive." – Nickie Hudson, manager and stylist at Great Clips.

    "I think Congress should have their paychecks frozen!!!" – Wendy Longhofer Brown

    "I think Congress should be fined 5,000 dollars a day for failing to do the job they were elected to do and to be unable to run in the next election where their term is up. You failed to do your job you can no longer keep your job." – LeAnne Struble.

    "I think Congress should resign and turn the government back over to the people." – David Cunningham

    "I think Congress should STOP FUNDING OTHER COUNTRIES AND START INVESTING IN THE USA!!" -- Shellie Shelton

    "I think Congress should not only lose their pay checks, but be fined $1000 per hour that the government is shut down." – Karole Rennie

    What do you think Congress should do? Share your thoughts on Facebook here.

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