Fun Facts

  • The Seattle Great Wheel will be 175 feet tall and 200 feet off the water.  In comparison, the wheel on Santa Monica Pier is 85 feet tall.   The London Eye is 443 feet tall. 


  • There will be 42 enclosed, climate-controlled gondolas with a capacity of six people each.


  • A VIP gondola with a glass floor is available to rent for parties or other events.


  • Riders will have the option to purchase alcohol to bring on board.


  • The voice of longtime announcer Pat Cashman will provide facts and information about the wheel through speakers in each gondola.


  • During each 10 to 15 minute ride, the wheel will make three revolutions.


  • The wheel will to hang out over the water 40 feet and spin west.


  • Crews are working now to reinforce the dock on Pier 57.  Construction is set to begin in June, with June 28th the target date for the first ride.


  • The wheel is being manufactured in Wichita, Kansas.  The gondolas are being built in Switzerland.

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