• Friends of Jon Meis proud of his quick, heroic action

    By: Linzi Sheldon


    SEATTLE - KIRO 7 has found out more about the young man emerging from the chaos on the campus of Seattle Pacific University as a hero. Jon Meis, 22, is a senior engineering student and a longtime security desk monitor who sprang into action when the gunman opened fire. His family asked for privacy during their recovery in a voicemail message, adding, “If you want to know what you can do to help, we just ask that you pray for the family that has lost their student and pray for the student community of Seattle Pacific University."

    Administrators at Seattle Christian High School said they were asked by Meis’s family not to do interviews, but they called him “an awesome young man.” The hearts of hundreds of staff and students at Seattle Pacific University, including his roommates, are filled with gratitude.

    “Everyone was just amazed by his heroic act,” roommate Caleb Konigsfeld said.

    According to Meis’s LinkedIn page, he had been a security desk monitor for the past two and a half years.

    “This is not really part of the job description,” roommate David Meade said. “He's usually sitting at the front desk and just keeping an eye on things. This is not really part of the job description.”

    Meis used pepper spray on the gunman and tackled him as he opened fire.

    “He's that kind of person, he's just always prepared and ready to go,”  Konigsfeld said.

    Meis graduated from Seattle Christian High School in 2010, where he also worked as a tech assistant for four months. Boeing confirmed he's been an intern there for the past year. KIRO 7 discovered Meis is engaged and his wedding is set for June 21. People found his wedding registry online and began sending him wedding gifts to show their gratitude.

    The president of Seattle Pacific University called him selfless.

    “There was an act of bravery,” Dr. Dan Martin said, “of selflessness. Of thinking about others in a situation that put himself at great risk.”


    Wedding registry: http://www.theknot.com/wedding/Kaylie-and-Jon/view/8333324271024836/42288208


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