• Seattle thieves take 32 bikes worth $150,000

    By: Rob Munoz


    SEATTLE - Seattle police say thieves stole at least 32 custom bikes from a Fremont bike store last Tuesday night.

    The owners of Cascade Bikes Studio says they don’t know how someone could have stolen $150,000 worth in one fell swoop.

    "I think it's a lot different when you're talking about a ginormous corporation, versus two guys who are hustling to make something happen. That's the real frustrating part, just the lack of respect,” says co-owner Terry Buchanan.

     The thieves smashed a front window in the early morning hours and cleared the racks in less than an hour, leaving just four bikes behind.

     Buchanan says the bikes retail anywhere from $3,000 a piece on up, including a custom $8,000 bike that sat in the front display.

     "It's kind of heartbreaking that the bike that's kind of a tribute to someone, and a family member, and also something that would people would stop by to specifically see, is gone,” he says.

     The store doesn’t have security cameras, but it is equipped with alarms and they are insured, and they still expect to be underwater after the theft.

     Buchanan says just days after the theft, someone walked into REI with a bike looking to buy bike parts. He says the stores’ employees recognized the custom paint job and matched the serial number to one of Cascade Bike Studios’ stolen bikes.

     When store employees asked questions, Buchanan says he was told the man ran away, leaving the bike behind.

     "So if those were to pop up in an internet sales atmosphere, it would be very obvious that it's special and specific,” Buchanan says.

     The owners are hopeful that something will happen and a break will be made in the case.

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