• Former King County Sheriff's 'Officer of the Year' arrested

    By: KIRO 7 STAFF


    BOTHELL, Wash. - A former King County Sheriff’s deputy was arrested Monday morning for investigation of theft, possession of stolen property, tampering and drug possession.

    Mitch Wright spent 10 years with the Sheriff’s Office and was named “Shoreline Officer of the Year” seven years ago. Wright was arrested at his Bothell-area home. 

    “Today’s arrest came out of an unrelated internal investigation conducted by the Sheriff’s Office into allegations the deputy was using government computer systems to access information contrary to policy,” Det. Jason Stanley said in a Sheriff’s Office statement Monday.

    "We're just happy that we figured out what was going on with this guy, were able to do a thorough investigation, are still working on that investigation and have brought him to justice," said Stanley.

    The deputy, 33, resigned July 9 in lieu of termination.

    Prosecutors are now handling Wright’s case. Charges have not been filed against him, but could come Tuesday.

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