• Police: Former city worker used master keys for crimes

    By: Alison Grande


    Kent, WA - Police say a fired Kent employee tried to “get back at the city” when he stole a master key set and broke into buildings.

    Scott Madoulet , 47, was a maintenance worker. Detectives say he was fired last April. They say his burglary spree began in July.

    Investigators say he tried to steal an ATM on the first floor of the building where detectives have their offices. Court documents say he stole four cameras worth $15,000 from City Hall.

    He’s also accused of stealing power tools from Service Club Ball Fields.  Investigators say in each of those crimes there was no sign of forced entry. Someone got in through locked doors and gates with a key.

    According to Kent Detective Melanie Frazier, Madoulet told a co-worker, “I’m going to get the city back for firing me.”

    A SWAT team raided the house where Madoulet was staying in Kent last Friday.  Investigators say the home was packed with stolen property from the City of Kent.

    Charging documents show they found all four cameras, 50 keys and power tools. They had to bring in several trucks to remove all the stolen property.

    Investigators had no idea how much he’d stolen until they started pulling it out of the house.

    They say Madoulet had access to so many buildings, they don’t know for sure what exactly is missing. 

    Madoulet told police he’s addicted to meth. Police found a sawed off shotgun in his truck.

    He’s charged with burglary and unlawful possession of a firearm.

    He’s being held at the Regional Justice Center Jail with his bail set at $40,000.

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