• Former city councilman arrested on assault charges

    By: Alison Grande


    ENUMCLAW, Wash. - A former Enumclaw City Councilman is charged with assault, unlawful imprisonment and reckless endangerment for attacking his girlfriend.

    43-year-old Glen Jensen was arrested Saturday after a fight with his girlfriend ended with her jumping out of a moving vehicle and running for help, police said.

    According to charging documents Jensen and his girlfriend were at her house on Pioneer Street in Enumclaw when the two started arguing. Court documents say Jensen beat, choked, and smothered his girlfriend. When she locked herself in a bathroom he broke down the door, said investigators. 

    She was so scared police say she finally escaped and ran into the backyard, naked. Jensen coaxed her back inside and promised to take her to the hospital. Police say once she was in his truck he sped at 80 mph on Highway 410 towards Mt. Rainier instead.

    The victim told investigators she thought he was going to kill her, she knew she had to get away.  “She stepped on the brake and knocked the vehicle out of gear which slowed the vehicle to approximately 30-35 mph. At that point she took the opportunity to jump out of the vehicle, “ said Sgt. Jon Buss, Enumclaw Police Department.

    The victim jumped over the guard rail and ran away. When Jensen was gone she told police she went back to the highway and flagged down a driver. That Good Samaritan dropped her off at the Enumclaw Police Department where she reported the crime. 

    Investigators are asking for the Good Samaritan who picked up the victim on Highway 410, between 3-3:30 a.m. Saturday, to come forward. They want to know what he witnessed.

    KIRO 7 tried to talk Jensen’s victim on Wednesday. She didn’t respond, but did write on Facebook, “I am the now ex-girlfriend of Glen. I am the one who lived through this and I forgive him…” Police want Jensen held accountable.

    Glen Jensen was arrested at his business, Enumclaw Self Storage on Saturday. Jensen, who finished his term on the Enumclaw City Council at the end of the year, was booked into the Enumclaw City Jail and then moved to the Regional Justice Center.  He bailed out on Monday and will be arraigned for Domestic Violence Assault, Unlawful Imprisonment, and Reckless Endangerment on January 28th.

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