• Former Boston man living in Seattle raises funds for bombing victims


    SEATTLE - When Seattle’s Dave LeClair heard how explosions ripped through the biggest tradition his home city, he was outraged.

     On Tuesday, when the Boston transplant heard the terrorist blast killed 29-year-old Krystle Campbell, LeClair’s dear boyhood friend and classmate, he was so stricken with grief that he had to take action.

     “I grew up with this girl. I rode the bus with her,” said LeClair. “I had to do something.”

     So LeClair did what he knows how to do best. He planned a big gathering of transplanted Boston sports fans. This time, his goal is to raise $5,000 for the Boston mayor’s victim relief fund.

     “I thought, it’s awful the next time I go back to Boston, she won’t be there,” said LeClair, who works as a professional event-planner. 

     Within two hours of hearing about Campbell’s death, he called the owners of the Spitfire tavern in Belltown.

     “This is the one place where Red Sox and Patriot fans gather in big numbers for game days,” said LeClair at the Spitfire. “This is where everybody will be able to come this Thursday, support each other, and support this great cause. It’ll be a relief to feel we can show our support 3,000 miles away.”

     Krystle Campbell made an annual tradition of cheering on runners at the marathon’s finish line. When the first bomb exploded, Campbell had just snapped a photo of a runner she was there to root on. The blast critically injured her best friend.

     “I won’t ever forget her smile, or her generosity,” said LeClair. “She was really a big-hearted person with a huge circle of friends.”

     LeClair’s Facebook posting advertising Thursday evening’s fundraiser at the Spitfire drew hits from 1,300 people in the first 90 minutes.

    The Facebook link is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/161262737374648/

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