Former Black Diamond officer, husband say chief used gay slurs

by: David Ham Updated:

BLACK DIAMOND, Wash. - Scott Oak and his husband, Jamie Smith, said they heard Black Diamond Police Chief Jamey Kiblinger use the word "fag" repeatedly.

 "Cops can talk rough, and I understand things like that, but she used it to personally attack me," said Oak, who was a Black Diamond police officer. He left in 2012.

 His husband said that he heard Kiblinger use the slur in front of them at a work-related party back in 2011.

 "When she said that, other officers looked around, and she looked around and she put her hand over her mouth like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ She knew she said it she caught herself saying it," said Smith, who is also a former Montana State Trooper.

 "I took off running and that's when I heard from the fence line Chief Kiblinger say, ‘Oh, he runs like such a fag’ and she's laughing and joking about it," said Oak.

 He filed a complaint against Kiblinger this week, calling on the city to open a new investigation against her.

 Oak filed complaints in the past, but the city's previous mayor didn't demote or punish Kiblinger. She was only given a written reprimand.

 "As a former state trooper, I've seen more thorough investigations done on parking complaints than on this case," said Smith.

 The city administrator said that investigation is closed.

 The city has received new complaints against the chief for her behavior, but the administrator said she is still reviewing the complaints and cannot say yet if a new investigation will be opened.

 "We've been together 19 years, and to have her say something -- have her say 'fag' about somebody you love -- it hurt. It really hurt," said Smith, who married Oak last year.

 KIRO 7 obtained emails from a public disclosure request that showed at least two other former Black Diamond police officers sent emails to the current mayor, Dave Gordon, saying they also heard the gay slurs.

 Calls and emails to the current mayor were not returned.

 Kiblinger was not at the police station when we went there to ask her about the allegations.

 Oak filed a tort claim against the city last year along with former Black Diamond police Officer Eric Weinreich.

 Weinreich claimed Kiblinger sexually harassed him.

 "She actually told me in front of other people there to go into another room and take a picture of it to prove size," said Weinreich.

 Back in October, KIRO 7 asked Kiblinger about the allegations at her house.  She said, "No. No thank you," and shut her door.

 According to city clerk records, Kiblinger is the highest paid salaried employee on city staff. She makes $138,391 annually.

 "People of Black Diamond deserve better," said Smith.

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