• Floodwaters limit travel options across Snoqualmie Valley

    By: Chris Legeros


    SNOQUALMIE VALLEY, Wash. - The heavy runoff from weekend rains was gushing over Snoqualmie Falls Sunday. 

    Chris Arnold said, “It’s probably the most water I’ve seen coming over the falls in about 10 years.” 

    The Snoqualmie River has covered many of the main roads crossing the valley, including the Tolt Hill Road. 

    It’s giving Carnation residents few options to get to Seattle or other eastside communities.  Emily Van Valkenburg said, “Everybody’s affected by it.” She was late to work yesterday. 

    Ana-Lys Evans said, “The traffic backs up through Duvall because we have to go that way instead of going over Tolt Hill to get to anywhere.” 

    In Fall City, a campground was completely cut off by the river. Some residents of the Snoqualmie River Campground pulled out before floodwaters covered the only access road in and out of the park.

    Roger Howard said, “I just thought, better safe than sorry, I don’t need to be stuck down there.”

    About eight other residents of that campground decided not to evacuate.  They were still on dry ground Sunday night, but will have to wait until the river recedes to drive out of the park.  

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