• Man's Seahawks 12th man flag causes flap

    By: David Ham


    SNOHOMISH, Wash. - Dale Carlson has been ordered to take down his Seahawks 12th man flag in front of his Snohomish house.

    "Put up last year through the season last year and then I got a letter from the homeowners association the week before the Seahawks played the Falcons," said Carlson a commercial fisherman.

    The Seahawks lost that game.

    Since then, Carlson flew an American flag on the pole. The Larimer Crossing Homeowners Association sent him letters to take the flag and the pole down.

    The HOA said Carlson needed to get permission to put up the pole and flag because it alters the way the front yard looks, but he didn't get approval from the board.

    Carlson believes he's still in the right to put the flag up because he did not see anywhere in the bylaws that prohibits flags.

    An attorney who is helping Carlson is even taking on the case pro bono because he's also a Seahawks fan.

    Last Sunday, Carlson put the 12th man flag up again when the Seahawks were down against 20-3.

    "The game had started and I had listened to the first quarter on the radio. I got home and it was the end of the second quarter. As soon as I got home, I ran in the house, got my flag pole and put the flag pole up," said Carlson.

    Then the Seahawks ended up turning the game around in an amazing 23-20 win.

    "So am I superstitious? I don't know I mean every person if you ask them they've got some superstition," said Carlson.

    Douglas McCready lives a few doors down from Carlson and doesn't mind the flag.

    "You gotta bend a little bit with the rules. Rules are great but you know you can bend a little bit here. These guys are obviously proud of their team they should display it if they want to," said McCready.

    Carlson has been warned that he might be fined because of the flag, but he hasn't been billed for any yet.

    He only flies the flag when the Seahawks play away games. He's a longtime season ticket holder and cheers the team on in Seattle at CenturyLink field.

    Despite the warnings, he plans to fly it again Sunday when the Seahawks play the Colts.



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