Former Microsoft manager accused of raping office custodian

by: Alison Grande and Casey McNerthney\/KIRO 7 STAFF Updated:

UPDATE: Charges against Srivastava were dropped on July 3, 2014.

ORIGINAL STORY: A former Microsoft senior programming manager has been charged with raping a woman who worked as a custodian in his Redmond office.

Prosecutors say Vineet Kumar Srivastava, 36, was on the third floor of Building 27 when he motioned for the custodian to follow him to his office. She did, thinking he needed something cleaned or the trash taken out.

As soon as she entered his office, Srivastava pulled her blouse down and made a sexual comment; then he picked up his cellphone and started showing pornographic images, according to court documents.

"He asked her if she liked it and (the victim) cried, 'No' covering her face," Redmond Police Detective Laura Murphy wrote in a probable cause document. "(She) tried to leave, but Srivastava slammed the door shut and prevented her from leaving. He proceeded to (grab) her around both arms and fondled her buttocks."

Srivastava then demanded oral sex, saying his wife was in India, prosecutors said.

The woman "continued to struggle to get out of Srivastava's hold and continuously told him, "No, let me go,” Murphy wrote.”Srivastava overpowered (her) and prevented her from escaping his hold."

Investigators said the woman, 32, was slammed to the floor and raped for several minutes.

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Srivastava lives in Redmond Ridge, a neighborhood with many other Microsoft families.

Neighbor Deepthi Prasad was shocked when she found out her neighbor is accused of rape. “The fact that he lives close and has done something so terrible is scary,” said Prasad.

Srivastava spent one night in jail and bailed out. He didn’t come to his front door Monday night.  Neighbors had concern for his wife and children. Srivastava told police his wife was visiting India at the time of the alleged rape.

Graphic investigation documents show the woman told her supervisor, but he discounted her story and "he failed to report it to the authorities."

The alleged rape was eventually reported to another supervisor who called police. The woman was examined the following day at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue, and results from the examination were recorded as evidence. That day, the woman also picked Srivastava from a lineup, investigators said.

Murphy reported seeing visible bruises on both of the woman's shoulders consistent with pressure. She said they were from her struggle with Srivastava.

The following day, July 26, Srivastava was arrested at the Microsoft campus.

"Srivastava claimed (the woman) forced him to have sexual intercourse with her and he was afraid of (her)," Murphy wrote. "He said she forced him into his office and lifted her blouse and bra, exposing her breasts and telling him she wanted to have 'sex' with him. He said he was afraid of her."

Srivastava said he had no bruising or injuries from the incident, court documents show.

He was booked into King County Jail that day, but posted $75,000 bond on July 27. Despite his lack of criminal history, prosecutors argued that Srivastava was a flight risk and “a danger to the community.”

Srivastava is expected to have an arraignment later this month.

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