• First on KIRO 7: Delta flight headed to Seattle diverted to Pasco


    PASCO, Wash. - A Delta flight headed to Seattle from Atlanta Monday night had to make an emergency landing in Pasco when a heat sensor went off.

    The sensor, which we are told was faulty, alerted the crew that the cargo bay was overheating. Once the plane was on the ground, it was discovered that this was not the case.

    183 passengers and six crew members were aboard the Boeing 757. The plane landed safely in Pasco Monday night and there were no injuries.

    Passengers were initially told that they were going to be taken to Seattle by bus. However, that plan quickly changed. The airline brought in another plane to bring the passengers to Seattle.

    At least one passenger we talked to decided to rent a car and drive to Seattle rather than wait for another plane.

    The flight finally took off shortly after 4:30 a.m., but a flight that should have taken roughly 40 minutes took well over an hour. We suspect that the heavy fog Tuesday morning had something to do with that. This has not been confirmed by Delta or Sea-Tac Airport.

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