• Marina customers mistakenly told July 4th arsonist found

    By: Frank Field


    SEATTLE - People whose boats were destroyed by a fire apparently started by illegal fireworks on the 4th of July had their hopes dashed Monday morning when they were mistakenly told a suspect had been found.

    The Sky Launch Marina in Northlake sent out an email to its customers saying a suspect had been identified by police following the July 4th fire that destroyed 14 boats at the storage facility.

    But Seattle police aren't confirming any arrest, and later, the marina sent a note clarifying that there are no suspects. Marina CEO Alan Bohring says it was a mistake that happened because a communications employee had prepared an email to issue in case a breakthrough in the case. Bohring said he has no personal knowledge about the investigation.

    "I would say most of the communications going from our insurance professionals and the Seattle Police Department," Bohring said.

    When a reporter asked if a detective provided information to his company about an imminent arrest, he said, "Not at this point."

    While police continue to look for suspects, insurance companies are piecing together who's going to cover the damage.

    "We are certain the cause of the fire was from an errant firework from the hillside above us. And with that circumstance it's almost certain an individual property owner is responsible for their loss," Bohring said.

    He added that boat owners must show proof of insurance in order to use the marina, so theoretically, they have insurance for their boats. KIRO 7 is looking into what progress Seattle police have made in the case.

    The Seattle Boat Company said a news release prepared earlier in advance of a suspect being identified was sent out in error. Click here to see that company news release.

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