• Final "Blue" Friday before Super Bowl

    By: Chris Legeros


    SEATTLE - Between sales calls on Friday, employees were chanting "Seahawks" at Porch, a new Seattle startup company.  Most of the 80 workers sitting behind laptops were wearing team colors of blue and green.  Nigel Denman said, "We've done this every single Friday and then this past week, it's been every day."

     A co-worker called Super Bowl fever "contagious."  It's so contagious that when Steve Plain noticed there wasn't a 12th man flag at his job site, he drove to a street vendor in Federal Way and bought one for $40.  He said, "These guys where I work, they don't have it, so they got it now." 

    Federal Way put up a big 12th man flag outside city hall.  Hundreds turned out to watch and to cheer their team.  Angel Diaz said, "We want to send the mojo, we want to send that spirit of goodness to them, that vibe, so they can feel it from Seattle all the way to New York."  At the Federal Way rally, 800 bags of Skittles were tossed into the crowd.  The candy is a favorite of Seahawk Marshawn Lynch.

     The Downtown Seattle Association was not to be outdone on a giveway.  City ambassadors passed out blue and green Skittles, the scarce limited edition bags. They went to anyone on the street wearing Seahawks gear who approached them and yelled the words "Beast Mode."

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