• Fight for NBA team in Seattle could end in court


    SEATTLE -  

    There's new twist in Sacramento's fight to keep the Kings from moving to Seattle, and Sonics fans fear the whole thing could end up in court.


    Long before any NBA players step onto a court at the proposed arena in Seattle’s SoDo area, the fate of the Kings could be settled in court.


    An NBA insider told ESPN late Monday that if Sacramento was to put together an investment team to buy the Kings and build a new arena in California, and if the NBA went with them instead of the Chris Hansen-Steve Ballmer group, Hansen could sue Sacramento.


    The source said Hansen could file a lawsuit, claiming the city interfered with his legally binding contract to buy the Kings.


    In addition, another development in the saga came from Microsoft Tuesday morning.


    Last week, a California legislator suggested a boycott of the software company, saying Steve Ballmer shouldn't use money he made from Microsoft customers in northern California to steal their NBA team.


    Microsoft has since weighed in, telling the Sacramento Bee newspaper that Ballmer's investment is completely independent from his role as CEO of the company.


    In other words, it's his money and he can do what he wants with it.


    But the effort to keep the team in Sacramento continues.


    Sacramento will be able to present its case to the NBA in April, when the league is expected to decide whether the team will stay in the city or come to Seattle.

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