• Few answers, no money for 40 people about to become homeless

    By: Henry Rosoff


    SEATTLE, Wash. - Friday Leesa Joyce will be homeless.

    She is one of 40 people being evicted from the Klose-In Motel, where she pays $25 a day to live full time. 

    The City of Seattle posted notices saying everyone needs to leave because the landlord has not turned the power back on since last week’s gas explosion.

    KIRO 7 was the first to break the story about evictions at the Klose-In Motel.  

    The landlord, Sang Hou, said Sunday night he would pay to help people move because he has not had time to repair the damage and get power restored.

    He reiterated that promise Monday.

    “Yes,” Hou said when asked if he would pay moving expenses.

    However, Joyce said he told her the opposite.

    “He told me I had to be out by Thursday and he didn’t have no funds,” She said.

    Puget Sound Energy said the cause of the explosion was likely faulty pipes the motel was supposed to maintain. 

    For that reason, KIRO 7 wondered if the City of Seattle would force Hou to help people move.

    Spokesmen for three different city departments said the city is working with the Red Cross and the landlord, not forcing him to pay.

    The Red Cross was at the motel Monday feeding people and hooking them up with charities and other resources for housing. 

    Volunteers for the Red Cross have also setup a shelter that looks like it will become more important with an eviction moving forward Friday.

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