• Ferry runs canceled, reduced due to staffing shortage


    SEATTLE -  

    Problems on the state ferry system continue as officials said there could be ongoing cancellations because of a severe staffing shortage.


    Washington State Ferries officials said riders should allow for extra time for traveling, keep a watch on ferry alerts and updates and find alternate modes of transportation if possible. 


    Because of a severe staffing shortage, at least one ferry route had a reduction in service and several runs were canceled on Christmas, a spokesperson said.


    The Fauntleroy, Vashon and Southworth routes were hit the hardest.


    Officials said in the last two days, a staffing crisis stemmed from employees calling in sick and staff taking scheduled vacations.


    In addition, the Coast Guard increased the minimum number of staff members required to sail.


    As of Wednesday morning, there were five updates posted.  Riders can find alert bulletins here.

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