• FEMA begins to assist landslide victims

    By: Henry Rosoff


    OSO, Wash - Some of Jean Rhodes' best customers at her Oso restaurant died in the slide.

    “It’s just heart wrenching,” she said.

    Now many other customers and workers have to drive more than two hours to get to work from Darrington with Highway 530 closed.

    Rhodes and her workers are some of the people you might not expect would be eligible for FEMA help.

    However, it’s not just people who lost homes and everything in them who will get help.

    Businesses with lost income, people who are driving farther to work, even people who need professional counseling because of the slide can get grants and loans.

    Here is a complete description from FEMA of who can get help:  http://www.fema.gov/news-release/2014/04/02/federal-aid-programs-state-washington-disaster-recovery

    FEMA and the Small Business Administration, which specifically helps businesses, launched the first disaster recovery center at Haller Park in Arlington Monday.

    Centers where people can go to apply for help for the next two months are now also open at Snohomish County Fire District 25 in Oso and in Darrington.

    “If you were affected in any way, come register with us and let FEMA make that determination on eligibility,” FEMA spokesman Don Jacks said.

    “I’ll go look into that and see what that does,” Rhodes said. “Certainly if they’re helping individuals as well, I want my crew to know and all the neighbors to know.”

    FEMA has written at least one check to help someone with the disaster, according to their website.  One person got about $4,100 for temporary housing.

    At least 190 people have already applied for help online and in person.

    More information about FEMA disaster recovery: http://www.governor.wa.gov/news/landslide/.

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