• Feds raid Green Lake home of coach arrested for recording female students

    By: Natasha Chen


    SEATTLE - Newly released documents show federal agents obtained and executed a search warrant in mid-December for the Green Lake home where a private school coach may have been producing child pornography. Jason Paur, 43, is currently being held without bail in Canada. He is charged with three counts of breaking and entering and seven counts of voyeurism and child pornography.

    On Dec. 12 at his home on Canfield Avenue North, investigators in the child exploitation unit of Homeland Security seized a 250GB external hard drive, five cellphones, two internal hard drives, a Nikon digital camera, miscellaneous documents, 31 thumb drives, a 4GB compact flash card, 98 mini digital videocassettes, a video camcorder, an Apple laptop and a CD or DVD. That CD or DVD was reviewed onsite and found to contain possible evidence, according to the returned search warrant.

    Homeland Security investigators had learned on Dec. 11 that Paur was arrested near Vernon, British Columbia, where he and two other adult chaperones were staying at the Silver Star Mountain Hotel. Court documents state Paur had placed cameras in two hotel rooms where female students were staying. Nine female students and two male students went on the trip. The document states: "Victim 1, Victim 2, and Victim 3 discovered a camera that was recording video sitting on the window sill partially hidden by curtains." The girls, aged 14-18, informed their chaperones, who immediately separated Paur from the group and took him to a different hotel. Later that night, Canadian authorities arrested Paur and saw that in one recording, "a young female is seen coming out of the bathroom only wearing a towel."

    The Bush School officials said their first priority is taking care of the students and families, especially those who went on the trip with Paur. "It's hard when someone that our kids have come to trust and respect ends up being accused of doing something so disturbing," said Frank Magusin, the head of the school. Magusin said that they are also reviewing policies for hiring, as well as for trips like the one Paur took with students.

    When Paur was hired more than a decade ago, background checks were done, as they are with all teachers and volunteers who work with students. "I don't think there's anything in particular that would have helped us in this situation," Magusin said.

    Neighbors in the Green Lake area saw federal agents raid the house but had no idea what the occupant may have been doing. "My mom got a phone call and was like, 'Hey, there's something weird going on,'" said Katie Spalding, who lives across the street. She said neighbors described the search: "There was a big group of people that went in, that my neighbors had seen. And they came out and were trying to investigate, because there's not a whole lot that goes on on this street." Many children and teenagers live on that block, and parents were concerned to hear of the possible child pornography happening there. Neighbor Steve White said he was in shock. "I don't think I've ever seen anyone come in or out of that house. Just figured they were quiet people like the rest of us," he said.


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