• Federal Way community gathers for answers in shootings that left 5 dead


    FEDERAL WAY, Wash. - Community members gathered at Federal Way City Hall Wednesday night in response to the shootings that left five people dead at a Federal Way apartment complex earlier in the week.

    According to police, the shooting spree began Sunday night when the suspect, who sources said is 28-year-old Dennis Clark III, shot his girlfriend, Justine Baez, to death in their apartment, killed two men just outside, and then blasted his way into the apartment of a man who was trying to call 911, executing him.

    Caeser Valdovinos, Bradley Fischer and Roland Scobee were the victims.

    Residents came to hear the latest on the investigation and to find comfort.

    Some relatives of the victims came to the community meeting hoping to find out why Clark went on a killing rampage.

    Community leaders thanked residents for calling 911. 

    At the meeting, police called the victims heroes for taking a chance and stepping forward to see what was happening in the apartment complex.  Their interactions with the gunman got them killed.  One man merely stepped outside then told a neighbor to call 911.

    Clark was shot and killed by police.

    During the meeting, the identity of the last victim, 42-year-old Fischer, was revealed. 

    Fisher's family members attended the meeting.  They said he was homeless and was visiting a friend at the apartment complex when he was shot and killed.

    They only found out Tuesday night that he was murdered. It took investigators some time to find his relatives and confirm his identity.

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