• FBI: Two serial bank robberies actually same person

    By: Henry Rosoff


    Seattle, Wash. - The FBI said they knew they caught a bank robber Tuesday, but agents soon realized they had actually caught two bank robbers.

    Seattle Police Officers, working as part of an FBI task force, were following a car linked to several bank robberies. Agents said they actually observed the man in the car rob a Key Bank in the University District. Then they arrested the driver.

    At a news conference Tuesday, an FBI special agent announced the 44-year-old man they arrested was responsible for about 30 bank robberies during the last year that actually were attributed to two separate serial bank robbery suspects.

    He said there was the cyborg bank robber, called so for the metallic masks he would wear, and the Elephant Man bank robber, who wore shirts and other clothing over his face like in the popular 1980s movie.

    Authorities would not name the Cyborg-Elephant Man suspect, but said supporting evidence was found when his home was searched after the arrest. 

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