• Father killed for 'favoring' other kids

    By: Lee Stoll


    BELLINGHAM, Wash. - A North Sound man is accused of murdering his stepfather because he allegedly favored his other children.

    A small memorial of yellow roses outside is the only sign of the tragedy at a Sudden Valley home near Bellingham.  Inside, blood was smeared on the kitchen floor.

    "I'm really sorry to hear about this because it's a tragedy not only for him but for his family members too," said family friend Laurie Kimble.

    Authorities identified the victim, 60-year-old Steven Siebert, this afternoon. They say Siebert's son found his father’s body Tuesday evening and called 911.

    The family’s Subaru was missing from the driveway.

    Authorities put out a bulletin for Siebert’s stepson, 41-year-old Joshua Adams, warning he may be armed.

    "I didn't know anybody had a gun.  Apparently Steven had a shotgun and that may have been involved in it." Said family friend, Verna Avarell.

    Avarell says Adams ran out of gas and dumped the Subaru in Skagit County.

    "He had his brother's dog with him and apparently weapons, guns.  And he tossed them into a pickup truck and stole it at a gas station somewhere."  She said.

    Authorities spotted the stolen truck near Coupeville.  They say Adams tried to get away from pursuing officers, but he was arrested without a fight.  Relatives say Siebert loved his family but Adams struggled with mental health issues and accused Siebert of favoring his other grown children.

    Adams bail is set at $1 million.

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